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Only Watch 2023: the new TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph

Rebel with a cause

The TAG Heuer Monaco has always been one of our most distinctive collections. That’s why we’re giving this rebel a cause for Only Watch 2023. The new TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph for Only Watch is our first mechanical rattrapante wristwatch. The rattrapante complication allows you to record multiple time intervals that start at the same time but don’t end together. This means that the watch has two central hands and an additional pusher. Few brands have mastered the split-seconds complication. That’s why we’ve designed this piece in collaboration with Vaucher, a world-class movement manufacturer, and a group of best-in-class watchmaking experts. A one-of-a-kind TAG Heuer Monaco for an event that seeks rarity.

Made of more

The watch case is made from a unique material developed by the TAG Heuer institute. We call it texturised titanium. It’s ultra-light, resistant and eye-catching. The reflective chronograph pushers are smaller and more integrated. The split-seconds pusher on the left hand side is crafted in titanium with an inner red aluminium tube, inviting you to give the complication a spin. The clear sapphire glass allows for markings and a glorious view of the bridges, the sub counters and all the other little details on the dial. Flip the piece around and through the full sapphire caseback you’ll see the hand-painted oscillating weight, showcasing the TAG Heuer design signature, and a colorful combination of Only Watch colors. Whoever is lucky enough to get their hands on this piece will also appreciate the art-worked wooden box that it will be encased in.

One and only

The TAG Heuer Monaco Split-Seconds Chronograph for Only Watch isn’t just a signature Swiss avant-garde timepiece. It is a watch with a big heart, made for an event that champions a great cause and creativity.

Inglessis, Luxury Watch, Tag Heur, Tag Heuer Monaco
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